Learning Objective-C with Treehouse

Posted on April 01, 2015 in Code.

I enjoy picking up new programming languages, and love the freedom to create things for different platforms. I've been wanting to learn to code native iOS and Mac OS apps for a fair while now, and have recently been using Treehouse to learn Objective-C.

Their courses are easy to follow, concise, and presented by people who actually understand the language they are teaching. In a few short weeks I've picked up plenty; taking the time to understand the core of C, then Objective-C, the Interface Builder, and build example apps similar to Magic 8 balls, Snapchat, and RSS Readers has exposed me to all sorts of parts of the iOS API.

I'm paying $25 per month for Treehouse and it's worth every penny. Previously I've taught myself new programming languages by tinkering, reading websites, or using books. But to have a clearly defined course to work through, with a user base that can contact the teacher at any time is a huge time saver.

I've just finished building a native iPhone app to control my shed, and am looking forward to getting started on a game soon. Before then though more learning!