Create New File in Finder for Alfred 2.0

PostedonMarch 24, 2013 in Alfred.

Creating a new file in Mac OS Finder using Alfred App.

Alfred 2.0 has been written from the ground up and is a vast improvement on the original. As well as a number of other changes, the new Workflows are now more powerful than previous Alfred Extensions. However, old extensions are no longer supported and must be re-written to work with the new system.

I'll be releasing a number of new Alfred Workflows in the near future, but I've started by re-writing the Create New File extension I released last year. Once again I'd like to thank Chris Kalafarski (farski) for improving the first ever version of my script. Thanks to George for adding a critical update to prevent overwriting existing files. 

Download the new Alfred Workflow below.

downloadfolderDownload v3.1 -7.58 KB

How to use this Workflow

For help please click here. I'll update this help page specifically for the new Workflow soon.

I have also added a hotkey option. You can specify the hotkey from your Alfred Workflow window (I find CTRL + ALT + N works quite nicely).

If you have any questions or comments please let me know, and I'll be happy to help.