SHED 1.0

Posted on February 08, 2014 in Man Shed, Arduino.

My automated sockets relay wired into the Arduino

For a while I've been working on building a set of Internet enabled sockets, with the goal of being able to control everything in my shed from my phone, laptop, or from a set of sensors and switches.

I had my first successful test a short while ago.

Today I built a console application to speak with the Arduino over a serial connection, setup a web server on the shed PC, and threw together a quick Web App to pass the commands through.

My Arduino Uno driving the automated sockets from my shed PC.

After a fair bit of tinkering I got everything working perfectly and can now control my shed's main lighting from anywhere.

The next step is to add a manual switch (sometimes those things come in useful) to tell the Arduino to control the lights if for some reason my phone or myself are not present.