Our trip to Italy and France

PostedonNovember 10, 2016 in My Life.

This year Laura and I took my little sister Elizabeth (better known as Stinky) to Italy for her 18th birthday. I won’t bore you with a thousand holiday snaps, but I’ll tell you some of the highlights.

We drove down from Scotland to Sussex, before heading to France a few days later. We drove through France, stopping at a few little places on the way to Italy.

We stayed in a house owned by Laura’s Aunt. It’s nestled in the middle of the mountains in a village called Cecina.

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The Diamond DofE challenge

PostedonNovember 10, 2016 in My Life.

If you’re over 25 you can now take part in the Diamond DofE challenge. This is effectively a fundraising exercise for the Duke of Edinburgh Award program, but it’s also a good excuse to challenge yourself.

Laura and I both decided our challenge would be climbing the White Mounth wearing kilts. This is a collection of 5 Munros around Glen Muick. The walk highlands website estimates it should take between 9-11 hours, but with some heavy fog, and hailstones it took us about 13 hours.

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An 18 month update

PostedonNovember 10, 2016 in My Life.

It’s been 18 months since I wrote my last blog post. A year and a half, for an android that’s nearly an eternity!

I’ve not blogged mostly because I’m busy, but also because it’s easy to get out of the habit. I’ve not had any problem coming up with an ideas for blog posts, but finding the time to write them is another story (no pun intended, though notice I left it in :D). As of writing this I have twenty drafts waiting for some love.

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Deus Ex: Mankind Divided Announcement

PostedonApril 13, 2015 in Software & Games.

Back in 2012 I reviewed Deus Ex: Human Revolution. I thoroughly enjoyed playing that game. It has a varied gameplay style, a storyline that feels like a Sci-fi movie script, and wonderfully rich visuals.

Now Adam Jensen is back, Square Enix – the company that make Deus Ex – have announced the next game in the series, Mankind Divided.

Check out the trailer below.

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Learning Objective-C with Treehouse

PostedonApril 01, 2015 in Code.

I enjoy picking up new programming languages, and love the freedom to create things for different platforms. I've been wanting to learn to code native iOS and Mac OS apps for a fair while now, and have recently been using Treehouse to learn Objective-C.

Their courses are easy to follow, concise, and presented by people who actually understand the language they are teaching. In a few short weeks I've picked up plenty; taking the time to understand the core of C, then Objective-C, the Interface Builder, and build example apps similar to Magic 8 balls, Snapchat, and RSS Readers has exposed me to all sorts of parts of the iOS API.

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